Bunnies are Scary


After our visit with Santa last December, I thought I should really talk up the Easter Bunny before dragging the twins to sit on his furry lap.  Because, let’s face it, Easter Bunnies can be scary.  Some of those costumes are much scarier than the fat man in the red suit – sure, sometimes he looks a little inebriated, but at least he has a face that moves and he isn’t 8 or 9 feet tall.  For some reason, Easter Bunny costume designers make him look like something out of a horror movie.  And he’s huge and kids are small.  So I started talking about him with the kids about a month ago.

We discussed what happens on Easter* – the bunny, the colored eggs, jellybeans, lollypops (because they love them), chocolate, special surprises, etc. until Eliza happily rattled off all those things any time the bunny was brought up.  She said she loooves the Easter Bunny!  And so did Jack, because Jack is going through a phase where he thinks exactly what Eliza thinks about everything.  So the bunny was getting a huge thumbs up from both kids.

I had a little time this afternoon, so I drove them over to the mall.  We got on the line and Eliza was like, “Bunny, yes Mommy.  Bunny, Okay!”  Jack covered his face and cried, refusing to even peek at the bunny.  It was in the exact same spot as Santa had been, so I thought maybe he was having a flashback.  I tried telling him Santa was not there and it was our friend the bunny.  He calmed down as we approached the front of the line so I thought maybe everything would be okay and it it wasn’t, I’d just get Eliza’s picture by herself.

Then it was our turn.  As she got in front of the bunny, Eliza went from, ‘Bunny, Okay!’ to ‘No, Mommy.  No bunny, NO BUNNY!!!’  Jack burst into fresh tears.  I tossed the kids on the bunny’s lap and told the photo ladies to get some pictures, quick, quick, quick!

So here it is…Happy Easter!

*No, I didn’t get into a discussion about Jesus and dying and rising from the dead.  We just talked about chocolate and eggs and bunnies.


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