Pop Pop


S’s dad, aka Pop Pop, stopped over today after work and took the kids for a walk in the wagon. They were gone about ten minutes and when they got back, Pop Pop said, ‘You really need to teach them to listen.’ Yeah, I know.

They really don’t listen at all and I have no idea how to teach them, say, not to dart into the street the moment I let go of their hands. So I always hold their hands. But I see other parents who can let go of their toddlers and those toddlers stay pretty much where the parents leave them. Or the parent goes on walking and the toddler trails along after her like one of those little ducklings. How? Why? What did they do that I haven’t done?

We live on a busy street. There are train tracks in front of our house and a commuter train flies by every 10-15 minutes. And my kids happen to LOOOOVE that train. It’s not really a good street to learn on. But I do recognize that Pop Pop is right. These kids need to learn.

I’m sort of at a loss here. Maybe it’s because there are two of them and if I let go of both of them, chances are, they’ll dart in opposite directions. Then what?

How am I going to do this when I’ve never even been able to train a dog? You know those people who can walk their dogs off leash and the dogs just follow along? My dogs dart when they’re off leash. Same as my kids. It must be something I’m doing wrong.  Or not doing.  Aren’t humans born with the instinct to, like, stay ALIVE?  Ugh.  It’s like I need one of those professionals…

Oh God, this sounds awful…but…can someone come help me train my kids?!?! 😛


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