“I Luh-boo”


Eliza says, ‘I luh-boo, Mommy’ instead of ‘I love you, Mommy.’ It is, by far, my favorite thing she has ever said and hearing it reduces me to a pile of goo every single time. Jack says it the same way, because he learns all his (mis)pronunciations from her. And hearing him say it has the exact same result.  It’s heart-melting, honestly.  I will be so sad when they start saying it the right way because I know from experience, they’ll never mispronounce it again. Eliza has been saying it like this for a few months now, so I know that time is coming, probably soon.

She used to mispronounce a lot of words, then justlikethat, she started saying them the right way. There was no warning, no transition. She just stopped saying it one way and started saying it another. These were some of my favorites.

Butterfly/flower were both ‘Bra-bra’
Pumpkin was ‘Pum-O-Kin’
Grandpa was ‘Paw’ or ‘Pa’
Mommy was ‘Mom’ (said just like a snotty little teenager – ha!)
Pancake was ‘Cake cake’

There are so many others that I’m not remembering right now. I’m afraid if I don’t write them all down, I’ll just forget about them and they are way too cute and special to forget.  Part of me wants to say I want them to stay small forever.  But watching them grow and learn has been the greatest joy of my life.   I’ve heard the word ‘amazing’ is overused.  But that’s exactly how they make me feel – amazed.  Every single day, I wonder at some new word or mannerism that wasn’t there the day before.  They truly are amazing.

Eliza and Jackie, I luh-boo, too. ❤


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