Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?


This morning I innocently opened my facebook and saw what was probably the worst pregnancy announcement ever. The bitter infertile inside me came raging to the forefront, ready to knock a bitch out or burst into tears, I’m not sure which. I immediately thanked God that this announcement happened now and not three years ago, when I would have probably wanted to hurl myself from the nearest tall building. As it is, I had to choke back the vomit that threatened to spew out and ruin my keyboard. I could almost hear the collective moan of anguish from infertiles (and ‘former’ infertiles) around the world as I read:

“Snooki is pregnant.”

WTF? Oh Holy Hell.  Does God just hate us? Or does he hate her unborn child? I am just. ..Speechless.  (Okay, not totally speechless ;-))

The world’s worst role model is about to have a child of her own. I guess the most I can hope for is that Jersey Shore is fake and staged and scripted and ‘Snooki’ is just a really good actress who, for some reason, wants to make drunken sluttiness and flashing one’s genitals look cool to teenagers…which is essentially why I think she’ll make the world’s worst mother. Maybe I’m wrong. For that kid’s sake, I really hope I am…


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