A conversation


Me: This carpet looks horrible.

Husband: I know.

Me: What do we do?

Husband: Clean it.

Me: <pause> How?


Sometimes I really wonder how we manage…


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  1. Hi. You may have been contacted by someone already but just in case you haven’t been… I am a mommy on a mommy board called “The Mommy Playbook”. I wanted to let you know that the twin ultrasound you posted on the TCOYF site was stolen and used on The Mommy Playbook. You can see the post the owner/Admin of TMP made about it here:

    PLEASE, to reduce the chance of this happening again go back and watermark your belly shots (if you post them) and ultrasound photos. If you don’t know how to do it email me and I will help you. It can be as simple as using a program like the free Paint.net to insert some text over the crucial parts of the u/s or belly shot with your name, screen name or date, etc.

    • Hi, thank you so much for letting me know. It never occurred to me that anyone would steal it and I don’t know why I posted it with all my info on it in the first place – I never do that. It was an old thread so I just removed the picture entirely. I’m sorry someone used it to create drama on your board. People are seriously nuts sometimes. Kudos to the person who figured her out!

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