This is so random, I just wanted to write it down before I forgot again.

First, I should say that I’m afraid of bees. Well, I’m actually pretty much leery of anything that flies. Even birds freak me out a little bit. But mainly I’m afraid of insects that buzz. Also I think insects really should pay much more attention to where they’re flying. Sometimes they just get too damn close.

Anyway. Bees. I’m totally afraid of them. One stung me in the boob when I was little and I guess I just never got over it. I hate them. And they don’t seem particularly excited about me either.

Here’s the randomness. There is something stuck in my brain that I can’t get rid of and I have no idea where it came from.

Today, I was leaving the house and as I walked down my front steps, I noticed the grass is getting a little long and those little weedy flowers are starting to sprout up. Bees love those stupid flowers so when I see them, I’m automatically on my guard. But then I remembered…

Today is Sunday, so nothing to worry about.


Because bees are off on weekends.

That’s right, my brain is convinced that bees don’t work on weekends and pollination is a strictly m-f, 9-5 gig. So what do they do on Sundays?  It’s really anyone’s guess…church, BBQ, sleep in…whatever they want, I suppose.  Because they’re off.


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