A World Full of No


That’s where my children currently reside.  I feel like it’s all I ever say and I’m frankly shocked that it wasn’t at least one of their first words.  Eliza sometimes says nononono but I think she’s just making noise.  Jack shakes his head back and forth furiously, but so far, no ‘no’.

I try to make things less accessible so I can use that word less.  We tried to childproof.  Well, we’ve been trying to childproof but they keep finding ways around it.

I mistakenly believe that childproofing was going to be like decorating the nursery – once it was done, it was done.  Like that’s it, we’re childproofed – hooray!  But no, it’s ongoing and constantly being reworked to meet our needs.  It has to grow and change as they do.  It’s a continual attempt at outsmarting these kids and remaining one (very very small) step ahead of them at all times.  Honestly, it’s exhausting.  And the truth is, they quickly and easily find a way around whatever I do.

This morning, Jack figured out how to get up on the couch.  It really doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the top of the couch was our last spot to put things we didn’t want them touching.  Like the TV/DVD/cable remotes or our cell phones or the big overnight bag we use for them when they stay at my parents house.  Also, we put the wipes up there and the baby powder and the diapers and the mail…actually, maybe this new development will make the living room look much less cluttered.

It’s really hard to believe that in a few short years we’ll be able to get rid of the eight nine* -yes EIGHT NINE- baby gates we have to block off different areas of the house.  Our house isn’t even big enough to require that many gates. We won’t be able to get rid of all of them because of the dogs but we’ll be able to get rid of the majority.  But for now, they stay up because as determined as I am to keep them alive and safe, they seem to be equally determined to come up with new strategies to seriously injure themselves/each other.

Sometimes I really do wish I could just make two size 2T bubble wrap suits and be done with it. 😉

Bump on his forehead courtesy of our coffee table, pink paci stolen from his sister

*In the two days since I started this post, we had to add another gate to block them from getting into the upstairs bathroom.


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