Moving Day!


Well for Eliza anyway.  Yesterday we finally moved the crib and dresser out of the shared nursery and separated the twins for the first time since their conception.  That sounds awfully dramatic, doesn’t it?  Truth is, I thought it would be incredibly dramatic and the first few minutes of separateness, we were wondering if anyone would get any sleep last night.

Her room looks awesome (I will post pictures as soon as the wall decor is up) and she and Jack had a great time playing in it.  They were so mesmerized by her chandelier, they took turns having me lift them up to touch it.  Then once it got dark, they watched the way the crystal made the light dance on the wall.  So did I, actually, because it was lovely.  Then Jack kept pulling the pillows off her chair and putting them back on.  I thought, just for a second, that bedtime might actually go smoothly.

Then I turned out the light.

Now I expected some crying from Eliza – after all, she was in a brand new room and she’s not a good sleeper anyway.  And she delivered.  She cried for about 10 minutes, during which time I went in, held her, kissed her, patted her back and told her we would be right downstairs.  I put her down and after a few little whimpers, she was asleep.

Jack, on the other hand, was inconsolable.  The nursery they shared had two cribs and a short, wide dresser.  The dresser fit better in Eliza’s room, plus it has a girlier feel to it, so we put it in her room and ordered Jack a new one, which hasn’t arrived yet.  So once we moved the dresser and her crib, the only thing left in Jack’s room was one lonely crib, which we moved to the spot where Eliza’s crib had been.  Jack is not good with change and he panicked.  And cried and cried.  I held him and rocked him and he shook and clung to me.  If I tried to put him down he cried and clung even harder.  It was a rough half hour or so.  I eventually left the room with him and rocked him until he calmed down.  The I put him down and he went to sleep.  For the entire night. 🙂

Actually, both of them pretty much slept right through.  Eliza woke for a minute but fell back asleep before I even got in to check on her.

Tonight, they are both fast asleep in their own rooms without so much as a whimper of protest. You would think they’d been sleeping in separate rooms their whole life.



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