Plaster is delicious!!


A few days ago, Eliza wriggled into the corner next to the couch and discovered if you pick at a plaster wall, it crumbles. And those crumbles must taste really good because I kept pulling plaster crumbles out of her mouth all day. We went through something similar with the dogs – they chewed huge holes in the wall and ate the plaster. It must be really yummy.

I spent the day yelling ‘yucky!’ and pulling her out of that corner. At one point, while I was making dinner, I heard something that definitely sounded like someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing. I got the ‘uh-oh’ feeling.  When I peeked in, I saw Eliza with a piece of trim in her hand that she’d just removed from the wall. It was almost a foot of trim which she very sweetly handed me when I came over to see what the hell was going on. Lovely.

So I tried to block the corner with a chair, thinking it will keep them out of trouble! Hahahahaha!!!

That really can’t be comfortable.


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