My Bully


My child is only 13 months old and she is a bully.

As I bitched about earlier, the weather was piss poor today and as a result, the three of us were stuck indoors.  All day.  It was no fun for anyone and by early afternoon, the kids were in wretched moods.  I tried to entertain them as best I could, but really, how do you entertain two 13 month olds?  Basically, there is food and change of scenery.  Change of scenery was out due to the wind and there is only so much food a tiny person can consume in one day.  So we pretty much spent the time between eating and naps in the front room, playing with toys.  Well, they did that and I played on my lap top.

At one point I decided to take some pictures since I put Eliza in a dress today, which I never ever do.  But instead of getting some sweet pictures of my little girl, this is what I captured…sorry it’s so blurry – camera phone. :/

It started out fine.  Jack was just sitting there on his fire engine, looking cute and calm.

Eliza spotted him and decided she wanted the fire truck.  But first, she would flash the wall.

She tried intimidation

She then used force

And victory was hers

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…


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