Random Grammy Comments


I almost never watch awards shows because I don’t have the attention span for it – I rarely make it through the parts I don’t care about without changing the channel.  Hell, I can’t even make it through the musical guest on SNL without losing interest and turning on something else.  Or going to bed.  But I watched the Grammys last night.  Well I didn’t remember it was on until 45 minutes in, but after a bunch of FB updates about Lady Gaga and an egg, I turned it on.  Sadly, I was too late for that performance…

Lady Gaga

She won something.  I have no idea what it was or what she said in her acceptance speech because I was completely distracted by the prosthetic points coming out of either side of her forehead.  When I was in high school, my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to try acid.  It was a bad experience because I was seeing things that were not there, including devil horns coming out of my friend’s boyfriend’s forehead.  Lady Gaga reminded me of that.

Justin Bieber

Dear God,

Please, please, please take Justin Bieber out of the music industry before Eliza is old enough to want to go to one of his concerts.  I love my daughter to pieces and would go through any kind of torture just to make her happy and that includes a Justin Bieber concert.  I just would really prefer it not come to that.



Oh, and if my son ever tries to copy that hairstyle, I’m shaving his head.  BALD.

Jaden Smith

Okay, my very favorite moment last night was when Jaden Smith performed with JB and Usher and the camera kept flashing to Will and Jada.  They have spend, what, 20+ years in the entertainment industry, won awards, etc.  They’ve BTDT.  But watching their son, it looked like it could have been their first time.  They just looked so proud and excited.  Loved it!!!

Lady Antebellum

They looked just as shocked as everyone else that ‘Need You Now’ won Record of the Year.  I like that song – who wouldn’t like a song about getting drunk and pining away for your ex until you eventually give him/her a late-night booty call – but I liked all the other songs that were nominated better.   JMO


Dude, you just won a Grammy.  SMILE. 🙂

Cee Lo Green and Gwenneth Paltrow

That was awesome.

Katy Perry

Love her.


Either she wasn’t there or she was on during the first 45 minutes when I wasn’t watching.  I think she’s really pregnant though, so probably she wasn’t there.  Her performance last year was stunning.  I missed her. 😦


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