4 diapers left…


That is what I was informed as my husband left for work this morning.

It’s Sunday – Superbowl Sunday, actually, so the stores will be even more of madhouse than a normal Sunday.  S is leaving for work until around 5:30 and both kids just went down for naps.  And we have four diapers left.  I know there will be at least one diaper change between now and the time we would leave for the store.  If anyone poops, I’m screwed.

And he doesn’t understand why I’m pissed.  Okay, here’s the explanation:

1) I bought a pack of 96 diapers less than a week ago.  It came with two sleeves, one of which I emptied into the diaper drawer and the other, I put in the closet.

2) I think we’ve been working from that first sleeve this whole time.  WRONG!  Without telling me, S:

a) moved the sleeve to a different closet, then

b) opened it and put it in the drawer.  Without. Telling. Me.

3) Between the naps, getting dressed, and eating lunch, it will take us almost 3 hours to get out of the house to any store that sells diapers.  I can only hope to God that nobody poops between now and then.


5) He tells me the diaper situation as he’s walking down the steps to leave.  He says it like it’s no big deal.  When I get pissed, he gets the same stupid blank face he gets every time he f**ks up.  And this is not the first time he’s neglected to mention we have no diapers.

I honestly want to know…how do people get though the first few years of child-raising with their marriages intact?  Not to mention, without killing their spouse…


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