Happy Birthday Twins!!! (a little late)


The twins turned one on January 18th so I figured some one-year stats would be a good idea…

Eliza Faith

Height: 29.5 inches (51.74%)

Weight: 21lbs 4oz (60.77%)

Walking: She took her first couple steps at 9 months and by 10 m, she could walk across a room.  She almost never crawls anymore.

Words: Dada, Cat, uh-oh…I don’t recognize anything else – it sounds like she’s speaking a foreign language. LOL

Favorite food: Anything and everything.  This girl can EAT!!!  She likes finger food the best but I have to watch her or she’ll just keep shoving it in without swallowing.  She likes grilled cheese.  And eggs.  And toast.  And salmon.  And pancakes.  And cookies.  And ice cream sandwiches.  And if I’m eating something, she stands in front of me and licks her chops and whines until I let her taste it.  But like the dog, one taste is not good enough and I have to continue sharing until the food is gone.  I almost always share because her big eyes melt my heart.

Teeth: 11

She’s a fun little girl and she laughs a lot.  She’ll run to us for a hug.  Sometimes she’ll run toward me as if she wants a hug and then she’ll stop short, laugh, and go the other way.  Trickster!  She loves attention and will do just about anything to get it – that includes biting, hitting, and most recently, pulling my hair.  Normal for her age, I’m told.  She has a hard time calming down though and needs to be held overnight in order to sleep.  We’re working on that.  She has the most amazing voice.  And a cute little O-shaped mouth.  She’s a really, really good snuggler. 🙂

Jackson William

Height: 29.25 inches (29.75%)

Weight: 23lbs 6.1oz (57.47%)

Walking: Yes, he took his first steps closer to 11 months but picked it up really fast.  Withing a week he was walking across a room and in two, it looked like he’d be walking for months.  He also really likes to climb…like up gates and almost out of the pack-n-play.  We’ve had to buy gates with only vertical bars because he’ll climb all the way up the other kind and I’m afraid he’ll fall over the other side.  He also loves to climb stairs.

Words: Again, I’m horrible at trying to figure them out.  I’ve heard ‘ball’.  And cat sounds like ‘kuh’.  I’ve heard ‘Da’ for Daddy but also ‘Da’ for Dog…

Favorite foods: BANANAS! His mouth gets absolutely HUGE when he sees a spoonful of bananas.  He likes cut-up real banana too.  Otherwise, he’s a picky eater and he’ll love something one day and completely refuse it the next.  I’ve stopped trying to offer alternatives because when he’s in the mood to refuse, he pretty much won’t take anything.  As his pedi pointed out, it’s not like his weight is suffering, so he’s definitely getting enough food.

Teeth: 11, but not the same ones as Eliza.  She has the front 8, plus 2 molars and a bottom canine (if that’s what it’s called).  Jack has 3 molars.

He makes me laugh almost constantly.  He’s a little copy cat and will imitate almost anything we do.  If I point, he points.  If I pretend to drink from his bottle, he picks it up and pretends too – just puts the nipple to his lips, pulls it away and makes a nom-nom-nom sound.  The other day, Stefan scratched an itch on my back and Jack walked right up to the side and started scratching my back too.  If I tell him to go get his ball, he will…sometimes.  If I ask him to hand me something, he usually does it.  He uses the lid to a toy pot as a hat.  He puts it on my head and his own.  So does Eliza.  He loves those toys where you put objects inside something else – like something shaped like a triangle goes in the triangle shaped hole…what are those called?  He also loves to bounce on my knee and he’ll stand in front of me bouncing until I pick him up.  And he loves to dance whenever music comes on.  So does Eliza.  He is an AWESOME sleeper.

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