I’m baaack…


So things have changed a lot since I last posted.  I should probably check out my last post because I have no idea what was going on when I stopped writing…

Ahh, just looked.  My last entry was two sentences about having a dream that I liked.  How very (un)interesting.  I didn’t even bother to say what dream was about.  I guess it was probably one of ‘those dreams’. LOL

I did notice the date was May 30th of last year.  I’d just gone through another injectable/IUI cycle and I was pregnant, though only about 5 weeks along.  When I first saw the date, I thought it was odd that I didn’t mention it, since I know I knew about it by then.  It was one more week until I’d find out I was having twins.  Two weeks until I’d hear both of their beautiful heartbeats.  I love thinking back on it now.  But at the time I was so terrified of another loss and I didn’t enjoy the first few months of my pregnancy at all.  For the first 6 months or so, I refused to believe I’d actually be taking home any babies.  But despite my negativity, my refusal to purchase any baby things, my constant checking for bleeding, my insistence that I continue the progesterone suppositories beyond 12 weeks ‘just in case’, my countdown until viability (26 weeks)…

Despite all those things and more…my pregnancy was shockingly NORMAL.  Uneventful, even.  I worked as a bartender until I was 31 weeks and really couldn’t do it anymore.  My daughter was the lower of the two babies and she was breech.  While she was busy walking all over my bladder, my son spent most of his time curled up under my ribcage.  I had body parts sticking out and moving around all over my belly.  It was the most fascinating thing to feel and watch.  They got hiccups all the time, another strange sensation.
I fully expected to be giving birth by 36 weeks, right around New Year’s, but my twins were stubborn little buggers who were perfectly content in my GIANT belly until my scheduled c-section at 39 week.

My beautiful babies were born on January 18, 2010.  My daughter, Eliza Faith, weighed 7lbs, 11oz and was 21 inches.  My son, Jackson William, was 6lbs, 14oz and was also 21 inches.  Ummm, those are some BIG twins!!!  No wonder I was so uncomfortable!

So here I am, a little more than 7 months later.  I feel like I should have started writing sooner, but the first four months were kind of a blur and I’ve spent the last three months just catching my breath a little.  It’s been quite an adjustment but I can honestly say that I love my life!

So I think I’ll just make this a reintroduction and leave it at that for now…well, a reintroduction and some pics of my little monsters!

Just a few days old

3 months

Eliza – 6 months

Jack - 6 months

7 months


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