New plan


I started spotting last night–the official start to my second miscarriage, although I suppose this one is more of a chemical pregnancy.  My HCG was down to 15.5 yesterday, so I was relieved to finally have some bleeding.  I had been wondering why nothing had happened yet.

So on to the next phase.  The nurse told me yesterday that I’d have to have an RPL workup as soon as the hormones have been out of my system for a few weeks.  I’m not entirely sure what that entails, but I’m pretty sure it is probably a lot of expensive testing that may or may not yield any answers.  The answer I expect is that with my hormones so out of whack because of PCOS, it’s harder for me to hold a pregnancy.  No shit.

I’ve also decided to begin acupuncture, which I’d been thinking about for a long time but never pursued until now.  At my b/w appointment yesterday, I asked if the RE recommends that and the nurse told me they absolutely do.  I wasn’t expecting that–I sort of thought that ‘real’ doctors would frown upon TCM.  But the nurse gave me the name and number of a man who regularly works with patients at my clinic (mainly IVF patients) and I called him yesterday.  I left a voicemail and he got back to me within a half hour, which always impresses me.  He told me all about the benefits of acu. (most of which I already knew) and answered all my questions.  My first appointment is on Friday.

Stefan has promised to give up alcohol with me completely, which basically means no beer for him and no wine for me.  The benefits of this are two-fold.  It’s better for my eggs and his sperm and the money saved on beer and wine can be used towards my acupuncture session, which are rather pricey.  We have set the date for next Monday as he still has beers in the fridge and doesn’t want to waste them–LOL.


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  1. I’m an acupuncturist, and I found a link to your blog via another blog on acupuncture. Best of luck with your treatments. It may take a while but fingers crossed the next time you’ll carry to term. Sounds like you’re in good hands.

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