I had an u/s this morning and it showed four mature follicles.  Four mature and like 10 immature.  The doctor pretty much told me if I don’t cancel the cycle, I will most certainly get the worst case of OHSS that I’ve had to date.  He didn’t suggest I cancel, just told me that my E2 was pretty high (750 two days ago and probably close to 2000 today) and it was more than likely that I’ll get OHSS.  In addition to that, I couldn’t even wait until after today’s blood work came back to make a decision.

So I just went for it and triggered this afternoon.  How could I not?  I’ve already spent close to $2000 on this cycle.


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  1. I am in the same situation that you are. I go back for u/s tomorrow, running out of follistim, on my 20th day of this. I am thinking I will do the same thing. When you did the trigger shot did it work for you?

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