Deep breaths


I’m taking my last pill tonight and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the witch makes a timely appearance. The last time I took it, I didn’t get my period for about ten days after my last pill. That surprised me because I’ve taken Prometrium for the same thing several time and have gotten my period within two or three days after the last pill. And they are essentially the same thing–Provera is synthetic progesterone and Prometrium is plant-derived progesterone–so shouldn’t they work the same? I hope I’m not playing the waiting game again. Weirdly, I’m having no side effects from the pills this time. Normally my boobs are really sore and I’m bloated. Not so this time. I guess that’s a good thing.

Going back to work today. My two free days are over. S. made me dinner last night, filet mignon that I bought at Wegman’s, rice (that I didn’t eat because I’m dieting) and vegetables. It was so yummy! I’m so glad he can cook because I am a disaster in the kitchen. So we had a nice dinner together and watched a movie. Tuesdays are traditionally dinner-and-a-movie night for us, but we haven’t been doing it lately. I think it’s been about a month, so it was nice to get back into it. We really need to spend some QT together, which translates into I need to stop going out to dinner/shopping/wherever with my girlfriends instead of spending time with my husband.

Infertility can be rough on a marriage. It’s very expensive and that’s a HUGE stress. We almost got into a fight yesterday because he opened up a credit card with a $10,000 limit and I told him that we should use it for the treatments. He agreed but when I brought it up yesterday and asked if he’d gotten a card in my name, he said no. He then said I could just use his card or bring him with me to the appointments. I was silent, fuming, trying not to blow up at him at the flower shop. By the time we got home, I still hadn’t said anything and was clearly upset. I was proud of myself, because after the millionth ‘What’s wrong’, instead of flying off the handle and throwing a fit, like I usually do, I was able to take a deep breath and calmly explain what was upsetting me. That I felt like he didn’t trust me to have my own card. So we handled it and he said that if I really want a card, then go online and request one. Well okay then.


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