15% of the time…


So this will be my fourth day taking Provera. The first two days I took it, I didn’t experience a temp change the following morning. Then yesterday, my temp went up and today it was up even more. I was also having ovary pains all day yesterday and have had fertile cf for the last three days or so. I know it’s impossible to ovulate while on progesterone, but that’s sure what it feels like. It would, however, be totally in character for my body to do something like that. If there is an under 15% chance of something happening, my body seems to find a way of doing it.

My first cycle of injectables was like that. I was told that the only way of ovulating during a Follistim/Gonal F/etc cycle was to do an HCG trigger (Ovidrel). My doctor actually said that the only way to stop the cycle if I felt I had too many eggs was not to trigger. Then he said, ‘Okay, you can trigger tonight, have intercourse, and then we will inseminate two days from now.’ Okay, sounds good. Well, wouldn’t you know, I get a phone call later in the day, as I’m on my way to Target, and the nurse says my hormone levels indicated that my body has already started ovulating and I need to trigger asap and come in for IUI in the morning. And no intercourse, so no backup.

So I run right home. I trigger and wait. S. and I go out to dinner with another couple for Cinco de Mayo and during dinner, I notice my breasts start getting sore and the terrible O-pains I’d been having stop. I go to bed, wake up in the morning and temp. Sure enough, it was significantly higher, indicating that ovulation has already occurred. I sent S. with his sample anyway on the off-chance that I was wrong and went in a few hours later for my insemination.

I asked if there was any chance that we missed it and the doctor insisted that we didn’t. So I relaxed a little bit and went for the uncomfortable, lube-free insemination. I asked how common it was to start ovulating without the trigger and the doctor said it happens about 15% of the time.

That 2ww was slow and agonizing. It felt like two months, not two weeks. But the end result was a big fat ol’ negative and when I got my period, I noticed that my (disgustingly consistent down to the HOUR) LP was suspiciously about twelve hours shorter than normal. I ovulated well before the IUI and hadn’t had sex in the week preceding it, so my chances of pregnancy had been nil all along. Lesson learned. During a $3000 cycle, not having sex during the fertile time is just stupid. And ‘I just wasn’t in the mood’ IS NOT an excuse. I mean, when is any TTCer ever in the mood?


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