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It appears I was a bit hasty with my last post. Today my temp shot way up and that combined with my increasingly sore bbs makes me think that I probably did O sometime yesterday. Still too late for the IUI, but at least I ovulated. Next cycle, I’m going to insist on back-to-back IUI’s even though it will cost me an extra $350. That way, there’s no way in hell that we’ll miss it.


Trigger didn’t work


What the fuck am I supposed to do now?  I triggered with Ovidrel on Saturday night, had an IUI yesterday morning and now my temperature still has not gone up.  I had a feeling.  Despite the fact that I had at least one (if not two) large follicles on the right side, I haven’t had any ovulation pains since last Friday.  And I woke up this morning and my temp was only 97.18.  So clearly, it didn’t work.  I’m so pissed off.  I want to cry.  We just wasted about $2300 between the meds, monitoring and IUI.  And it didn’t even work to make me ovulate.

I HATE MY BODY!  I’m so angry right now.  And I know if I call the RE they will tell me that I’m crazy and of course I ovulated.  So I’ll wait a week, go in for my p4 and u/s and THEN find out it didn’t work.

I can’t deal with this.

Almost there


Had my u/s today and the dr. couldn’t find my left ovary.  He was hunting around in there for what seemed like about 10 minutes before finally locating it.  It had somehow moved way down from where it usually is.  Don’t know how that could have happened. <shrug>

My lead follicle is on the right and measuring at 13X15mm, which is great.  So it looks like I won’t be stimming quite as long this time.  Tonight will be my fourth Follistim shot at 150iu.  I’m hoping that I’ll be ready to trigger by the end of the week.

The doctor also said that I don’t have as many larger follicles as last time, which in my case, is really good.  Hopefully it will mean that I won’t get OHSS quite as badly as last time…



I grew up in a big house, on a big property. We had a pool and a basketball court and a huge deck. Our neighbors were just people we waved at when we saw them in their driveways as we drove down the street.

Now I live in a small house, with a small yard. My neighbors are a constant annoyance, always out on their back porch, smoking and drinking. And their infant is somewhere inside. And they owe us quite a bit of money.

I fucking hate them.

Baby on the porch part 2


Well, I thought maybe I had overreacted last night, that maybe my infertility had once again caused me to see bad parenting where there was none.  So I asked various people during my workday today and they all had (basically) the same thing to say.  I should have called the cops.  That’s a hard call though.  I mean, on one hand, I don’t want to butt into other people’s business and maybe cause them to lose their kid.  But on the other, this is a defenseless little baby, so someone should stand up for him if he’s being mistreated.

They are all out back again–drinking, underage.  I don’t know where the baby is, but if I see him outside on the porch alone again, I will not hesitate to call the police.

Baby on the porch


I am pissed off. I just went out on my back porch and glanced over at my neighbor’s house. No one was out back, but the light was on. So I just sat there, relaxing, listening to the rain. A few minutes later, a young woman who is not the mother opens up their back door and goes over to the stroller on the back porch and says, “Aw, you’re not so bad,” and starts rocking it back and forth. So apparently, they left their 3-month-old baby out on the back porch, late at night, IN THE RAIN! I could hear them all inside, drunk as usual and it just made me so upset.  I swear to God, I do not understand why I am infertile and these f-ing losers are able to make babies with no problem only to neglect and mistreat them. It makes no sense to me.

A strange sort of anniversary


It’s here. I had planned on writing a long post today, but I just don’t have it in me. In truth, despite the many times I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to write about it. I don’t understand why. Maybe I’ll come home from work tonight inspired and I’ll write more then.

For now, I’ll just say that July 3, 1997 was a good day that led to a year and a half worth of bad days.