Day off :P


S. and I are off today. I don’t really have much on the agenda, just going to the trainer at noon and then I’m supposed to go to the mall and help a friend pick out a birthday present for her boyfriend. I don’t enjoy shopping, especially with other people. I’m like a guy that way–I just walk through the stores with a sort of dazed look. I hope she doesn’t subject me to browsing through Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe, because the clothes don’t even fit me and I’d just be watching her try on cute little outfits. I don’t know why I agree to these little shopping trips.

As for S., he usually does laundry on Mondays and then goes to see his family later in the afternoon. I don’t go with him very often. Lately I’ve become uncomfortable with visiting family (his and mine) because even though they never ask, I feel like they are all wondering whether I’ve managed to get pregnant yet.


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